AdaSwap IDO Review on DaoMaker & Poolz

AdaSwap IDO Review on DaoMaker & Poolz

What is Adaswap
AdaSwap strives to be the pillar supporting the growth of the Cardano ecosystem (ADA token), by providing the best swap protocol and NFT marketplace alongside the tools to help users build the Cardano DeFi space. AdaSwap and AdaNFT will use acquisition tools unseen by the Cardano (ADA) chain to create a new generation of stakeholders. The cross-chain ASW token and partnerships with various market leaders like the Cardano foundation will help AdaSwap bring volume from other blockchains.

How does Adaswap Work ?
AdaSwap is a start to a trustless decentralized exchange (DEX) coupled with an ultra-fast gas-less automated market maker (AMM). As this new ecosystem opens, the users and businesses that chooses to operate on the Cardano blockchain will have a great and pressing need for The following financial services:

Token Swap
Staking Pools
Yield Farming

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