Binance Pay Trust Wallet Self Custody Quiz Answers

Binance Pay Trust Wallet Self Custody Quiz Answers ( WIn 38000 ARB)

Binance Pay x Trust Wallet Giveaway: Learn About Self-Custody & Complete a Quiz to Share 38,000 ARB in Rewards!
Promotion Period: 2023-07-24 07:00 (UTC) to 2023-08-06 23:59 (UTC)

This promotion for new Trust Wallet users, where eligible users can gain knowledge about self-custody principles and learn how they can kickstart their DeFi journey with Trust Wallet using Binance Pay’s “deposit from exchange” feature.

Starting from 2023-07-24 07:00 (UTC), the first 38,000 eligible participants who successfully confirm their participation and complete the quiz will stand to equally share a prize pool of 38,000 ARB in rewards.

Watch Video For Correct Answers

The first 38,000 new Trust Wallet users who successfully complete this quiz will qualify to each receive a reward of 1 ARB from Binance.

Start the Trust Wallet and Self-Custody Quiz:

Which of the following best defines Trust Wallet?

What type of DeFi Wallet is Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is a self custodial wallet. What best describes self custodial wallets?

Which of the following measures does Trust Wallet take to ensure user security?

What benefit does Binance Pay’s integration with Trust Wallet offer for users when transferring crypto between Binance and Trust Wallet? (Consider the applicable fees during transfers.




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