BRG Listing Triple Benefits, 470,000 BRG in Prizes!

BRG Listing Triple Benefits, 470,000 BRG in Prizes!

Promotion Period: 4/7/2022 08:00 AM – 4/22/2022 08:00 AM EDT

I. Social Media Airdrops – 70,000 BRG Giveaway!
>>> Step 1: Follow BitMart Research Twitter & BRG Twitter

>>> Step 2: Join Join BitMart Telegram (Asia) & BRG Telegram Group

>>> Step 3: Retweet & Tag 3 Friends

>>> Step 4: Fill in the Form

Event Rules:

After completing the above steps, users will be eligible to participate in the lucky draw, and 1,000 winners will get to share a prize pool of 70,000 BRG.

II. Buy & Earn – 200,000 BRG Giveaway!
The first 625 users who buy BRG greater than or equal to 300 USDT of BRG will be eligible to receive 320 BRG each.


III. Trading Competition – 200,000 BRG Giveaway!
Users will be ranked in terms of the total trading volume (buy+sell) of BRG. The top 50 users with the highest trading volume will be rewarded with corresponding rewards.

1st: 28,000 BRG

2nd: 18,000 BRG

3rd: 12,000 BRG

4th-10th: 6,000 BRG each

11th-20th: 4,000 BRG each

21st-50th: 2,000 BRG each

Terms and Conditions

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