CoinmarketCap Diamonds – Invite Friends & Earn Diamonds Redeem as NFT

What Is CoinMarketCap’s Diamond Referral Program?

Invite your family, friends, enemies, followers, neighbors and more to join the CoinMarketCap Diamonds program using your unique referral code — once someone registers with your link, they become your referral. And once that person has accumulated 100 Diamonds, you both get 20 Diamonds. It’s as easy as that.

How to Join the Diamonds Referral Program

Step 1: Get your referral link after accumulating a balance of 200 Diamonds (don’t worry, we won’t actually take your Diamonds if you join the referral program, it’s just to assure us that you are a real user!).


Step 2: Share your referral link on your social networks.

Step 3: Sit back and wait for the Diamonds to start rolling in.

What Can I Spend With My CoinMarketCap Diamonds?

You can spend Diamonds at our Diamonds rewards store on a variety of goodies, including new profile avatars, mystery boxes and NFTs from our partners including Enjin and TopGoal. We also have a Lucky Draw — where you have the chance to earn a random number of Diamonds!

Keep checking back to see more goodies added to our rewards store in the future.

CoinMarketCap Diamond Referral Rules

  • A balance of at least 200 Diamonds is required to join the program and become a referrer.
  • There is no limit to the number of users who can register with the same referral link.
  • New users who sign up through a referral link (or referral ID) will not be rewarded immediately and will need to accumulate 100 Diamonds.
  • New users get a 20 Diamonds bonus after accumulating 100 Diamonds.
  • The referrer will receive 20 Diamonds after their referral accumulates 100 Diamonds.
  • The first ten new users who register through the referral link each day are eligible to share 40 Diamonds with the referrer. New users after the tenth one will also get 20 Diamonds, but the referrer will not get a share. For example: if 15 new users sign up through Jack’s referral link today and collect 100 Diamonds, all new users will get 20 Diamonds, but Jack will only get 10*20=200 diamonds. (This restriction is to prevent spam bots from maliciously registering for diamonds.)

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