Fantomlive Airdrop Campaign $50,000 FTL for Grabs

Fantomlive Airdrop Campaign: Don’t Miss It
About 6,666,666 $FTL (more than $50,000) will be released at this event!
4380 random lucky people will recevie $1370 FTL ~ $10 (Public sale price).
Referrer will get $70 FTL ~ 0,5$ / player
The maximum total referral reward is $868000 FTL ~$6200
The top 20 referal will recevie $2000 FTL ~$15
20 tickets worth $2000 FTL will go to the 20 fastest Youtube channels to upload #AirdropFantomlive content

Win 50000$FTL from #Fantomlive
Be the first one to own #Fantomlive as the Airdrop reward!
Starts: Nov 25, 2021
Ends: Dec 10, 2021
$FTL will be distributed 7 days after Public Sale.
The number of rewards from the referral will decrease until $868000 FTL is exhausted, which means whoever recruits the first ref will receive $ FTL



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