Flipkart Kotak Bank Flight Offer Grab the Best Deals

Flipkart Kotak Bank Flight Offer Grab the Best Deals

In the era of digital shopping, Flipkart has become a household name, offering a vast range of products and services. Adding to the excitement, Flipkart has partnered with Kotak Bank to bring exclusive flight offers to its customers. In this article, we will delve into the enticing world of Flipkart Kotak Bank flight offers, highlighting the benefits and opportunities that await travelers.

Flipkart Kotak Bank Flight Offer Frequently Asked Questions

What is the offer?

10% Instant Discount with Kotak Bank Credit Card EMI & Debit Card EMI transactions on purchase of select products across Mobiles, Appliances, Electronics, Furniture & Travel categories, only on Saturday & Sunday.
What is the offer duration?

8th July 2023 (00:00 Hours) to 30th September 2023 (23:59 Hours)
Offer is valid only on Saturday & Sunday
What other conditions should apply to avail the offer?

Categories – Mobiles, Appliances, Electronics, Furniture & Travel
Minimum Cart Value – INR 5,000
Maximum Discount per card per month –

Mobiles – INR 1,000
Other categories – INR 1,500
Maximum Discount of INR 1,500 per Kotak Bank Credit Card EMI & Debit Card EMI transactions can be availed each month across the select categories combined
In the event the customer returns any/all products in the order placed during the Offer Period, thereby not maintaining the minimum purchase value, as required to avail the Offer, he/she shall not be eligible for the Offer. Accordingly, the amount availed as a discount under the Offer shall stand deducted from any refund(s) processed for the returned product(s).

Benefits of Flipkart Kotak Bank Flight Offer:
1. Affordable Flight Tickets:
By availing the Flipkart Kotak Bank flight offer, travelers can enjoy discounted airfare, making their dream destinations more accessible. With these exclusive deals, customers can save a significant amount on their flight expenses and use the savings to enhance their travel experience.

2. Wide Selection of Airlines:
The Flipkart Kotak Bank flight offer provides access to a wide selection of airlines, including both domestic and international carriers. This allows travelers to choose from various flight options and find the most suitable one that meets their preferences and schedules.

3. Convenient Booking Process:
Booking flights through Flipkart with the Kotak Bank offer is a hassle-free experience. Customers can easily browse through the available flights, compare prices, and select the best option that suits their travel needs. The booking process is user-friendly and efficient, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

4. Additional Discounts and Cashback:
In addition to the discounted airfare, customers availing the Flipkart Kotak Bank flight offer may also be eligible for additional discounts or cashback. These extra savings further enhance the value of the deal, making it even more enticing for travelers.

5. Secure Payment Options:
Flipkart ensures a secure payment process when booking flights with Kotak Bank offers. Customers can make their payments using various secure options, including debit cards, credit cards, net banking, or UPI, providing peace of mind while making transactions.

How to Avail Flipkart Kotak Bank Flight Offer:

1. Visit the Flipkart website or mobile app.
2. Navigate to the “Travel” section.
3. Select the “Flights” option.
4. Enter your travel details, including the destination, travel dates, and the number of passengers.
5. Apply the Kotak Bank flight offer during the booking process.
6. Compare the available flights and choose the most suitable option.
7. Proceed to the payment page and complete the transaction using a Kotak Bank debit or credit card.
8. Once the booking is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email or SMS with the flight details.

Terms and Conditions:
It is important to note that the Flipkart Kotak Bank flight offer may have certain terms and conditions associated with it. These terms may include a minimum transaction amount, specific travel periods, or limited availability. It is advisable to thoroughly read and understand the terms and conditions before making the booking to ensure eligibility for the offer.

The Flipkart Kotak Bank flight offer presents an excellent opportunity for travelers to enjoy affordable airfare and explore their desired destinations. With discounted flight tickets, a wide range of airlines to choose from, and convenient booking options, customers can embark on memorable journeys without breaking the bank. Make the most of this exclusive partnership between Flipkart and Kotak Bank, and experience a seamless and budget-friendly travel experience.

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