High Security Registration Plates Online – HSRP Top FAQS

High Security Registration Plates Goa Online – HSRP Top FAQS

1. What is HSRP Number Plate ?

HSRP stand for High Security Registration Plates.

2. What are the Features of HSRP?

The following are the Salient Features of the HSRP Viz

  • Hot Stamped Chromimum Based Hologram
  • IND Legend ( Country Prefix IND for India )
  • Laser Inscripted Alpha Numberical
  • Superior Grade Reflective Sheet
  • Embossed Alpha Numericals
  • Snap Locks
  • A unique 3D License plate sticker on the windshield . ( It contains all information pertaining to the vehicle registration. Self destructive if tampered.

High Security Registration Plates


3. When is the Schedule for fixing up of High Security Registration Plates ?

The following schedule is to be followed . You can do a online booking in Goa.

               Period Series To Be Covered Vehicle Registration Covered
Date Month Year
1st – 31st October 2019 All Series 0001 to 1000
1st – 30th November 2019 All Series 1001 to 2000
1st – 31st December 2019 All Series 2001 to 3000
1st – 31st January 2020 All Series 3001 to 4000
1st – 28th February 2020 All Series 4001 to 5000
1st – 31st March 2020 All Series 5001 to 6000
1st – 30th April 2020 All Series 6001 to 7000
1st – 31st May 2020 All Series 7001 to 8000
1st – 30th June 2020 All Series 8001 to 9000
1st – 31st July 2020 All Series 9001 to 10000
1st – 31st August 2020 Vehicles Defaulted the Allotted Time
4. What is the cost/Fee of the HSRP ?


2 Wheelers : Complete Set of Registration Plates including of Snap Locks and Fixing For 2 Wheelers  is Rs 155*.

3 Wheelers : Complete Set of Registration Plates, 3rd Registration plate, including of Snap Locks and Fixing For 3 Wheelers  is Rs 203*.

4 Wheelers & Above : Complete Set of Registration Plates, 3rd Registration plate, including of Snap Locks and Fixing For Light Motor Vehicle, Passenger Cars, Medium & Heavy Commercial vehicles is Rs 332*.

Source : Navhind Times (* Rates are subject to change)

5. What is specification of the HSRP ?
Vehicle Category Front Plate Rear Plate Third License Plate
Moter Cycle 285 x 45 mm 200 x 100 mm Not Applicable
Scooter 200 x 100 mm 200 x 100 mm Not Applicable
Three Wheeler 200 x 100 mm 200 x 100 mm Applicable
Light Motor Vehicle 500 x 120 mm 500 x 120 mm Applicable
Heavy Motor Vehicle 500 x 120 mm 340 x 200 mm Applicable
6. How to do online registration for HSRP ?

For registering Online please follow the below steps

  1. Visit : http://www.realmazon.com/
  2. Select your State or Union Territory : Goa, Jammu, Kashmir, Chandigarh or Rajasthan
  3. Fill in your Registration Number & Chassis No & Click on Search
  4. Fill in the requested details
  5. You will be prompted with a OTP on your phone
  6. After Submitting OTP you will have to make payment online.( Please read refund policy before making payment)
  7. After payment your appointment date will be reflected on screen.
  8. You can print it or you will receive a SMS of the details on your registered mobile number.
7. Which testing agencies have been authorized to give Type Approval certificate: ?


  • Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), Delhi,  Mathura Road, P.O. CRRI,  New Delhi-20
  • Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) ,  P.B. 832, Pune- 411004
  • Vehicle Research & Development Establishment (VRDE), Vahan Nagar, Ahmed Nagar-414006
8. Who are the authorized Vendors/Dealers of HSRP ?

As of today as per Government of India MORTH website following Vendors are Authorized to produce and fix the HSRP. Please visit this link for full details  Ministry of Roads Transport and Highways

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