Kick Token Airdrop Get 50,000 Kick Tokens for Free

Kick Token Airdrop Get 50,000 Kick Tokens for Free

Get Free ( Zero Investment Required ) Kick Tokens 50,000 .It is listed on the COINMARKET with an all time high of $0.89

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How To Get your Free Kick Token Airdrop Explained !



This is your multi-level referral structure. You’re at the top. Those, whom you’ve invited directly — “first level referrals”— are right below you. Further down there are “second-level referrals” – people your “first level referrals” have invited and so on up to the lowest level 10.

You can also find percentage on the right side of each level. It represents the share of profit you recieve from that level. Every time someone from your multi-level referral structure pays a fee on KickEX, you will receive a certain percentage from it in the same currency as the fee is (ETH, BTC etc.) according to the level.



Kick Token Airdrop Why start now?

Early users get substantial advantages over those who join later, such as:

  1. The sooner you join – the bigger your network, the higher your position in the system, which results in higher earnings.
  2. All direct referrals invited before KickEX launch will produce x2 referral rewards during the first year, 30% from all the trading fees paid.
  3. Participate in KickEX Referral Program Early Start and earn for referring users to KickEX, while you build your network.
How do rewards in the program get generated and credited?

Each time a user makes a payment, i.e. pays a trading fee on KickEX, a part of it goes  to the referrers that stand higher in the 10 level structure according to the referral levels reward percentage. The referral rewards are credited immediately to all referrers involved in the structure in currency used by the referral while paying the trading fee.

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