SheepDex Review Of Decentralized Exchange ( Tutorial Swap to Earn)

SheepDex Review Of Decentralized Exchange ( Tutorial Swap to Earn)

SheepDex (, which launched on BSC on Oct. 10, is a decentralized liquidity concentrated platform for spot and derivatives trading. It offers Yield Farming and Transaction Rewards while allowing liquidity providers (LPs) to allocate funds within specific price ranges and provide them with transaction fee refunds if a swap occurs within that range. This greatly improves capital efficiency and provides users with better liquidity and ultra-low trading slippage. According to the roadmap, it will continue to launch perpetuated contracts, leveraged tokens, and other derivatives. SheepDex aims to be a decentralized Binance.


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What are the advantages of SheepDex compared to other DEXs?
Less slippage: Liquidity is concentrated in the price range where most transactions occur, resulting in less slippage and fewer losses, especially for stablecoin pools.
Transaction rewards: Each transaction is charged with a fee of 0.2% as other exchanges on BSC, however, with SheepDex users can earn more rewards from each transaction they make.
Transaction fee refund for LPs: LPs can earn transaction fee refunds by adding liquidity in the range where transactions occur, and they can earn more if there are more transactions in that range. This fee income is particularly pronounced on base currency pair BNB/BUSD, which typically offers an APR of more than 200%.
Yield Farming can be combined freely with a variety of trading strategies: SheepDex allows LPs to convert multiple liquidity provision portfolios under changing market conditions in order to obtain more profits.

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