Winstex Airdrop Get 3,000 Win Tokens for Free

Winstex Airdrop Get 3,000 Win Tokens for Free

Winstex is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading more than 20 cryptocurrencies.

WINSTEX Exchange is a digital asset exchange focusing on blockchain, based in USA and New Zealand.

Understanding the issues of digital asset trading that investors commonly face, WINSTEX Exchange focuses on bringing a reliable, transparent trading platform and world-leading technology applications, so people can feel safe and secure using our services.

With a defined vision, WINSTEX is not limited to a trading platform. WINSTEX’s projects also work towards providing support to other startups in the blockchain sector, including advisory services, networking, crowdfunding, and other incubation programs.

How To Get your Free Winstex Airdrop Explained !

Winstex Airdrop – Win Token Details 

Total token supply: 968,000,000tokens.
Token Name: WIN Token
Token Symbol: WIN
Token Type: ERC20
Contract Address: 0x4CAc2515716Ab2531402cA8F992e235189F29C5a
Decimals: 18



WINSTEX has built a comprehensive interface with powerful capabilities for
professional traders while still being convenient and easy to use for inexperienced
An important software feature introduced by the WINSTEX platform is a modular
control panel capable of supporting full customization. We indicate that many of the
exchanges that exist today in the same layout tend to provide a limited range of
information and functionality. With a custom layout on the platform, the dashboard can
be built to the preferences of each trader while showing only the most relevant and
relevant information.
In the fully customizable interface, any investor can quickly place buy and sell
orders on the system.

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