XcelDream Ethereum SmartContract How it Works Explained

XcelDream Ethereum SmartContract How it Works Explained

Xcel Dream is working on Ethereum Distributed Ledger Technology powered by smart contract with advance coding and carefully deployed on ERC20 blockchain.
XcelDream DAPP
is a unique fast Decentralized Exchange for convert Ethereum to XDM and vise versa. Best part of this dapp is when will buys XDM tokens, same time 5% of investment will distributed among all the XDM holders as per their holdings. You can check all it’s transactions on Etherscan.

XcelDream Ethereum SmartContract STEP BY STEP HOW IT WORKS ?

STEP 1 : Create an Ethereum wallet & install metamask extension for chrome or firefox browser. Trust Wallet for smarthpone should also work so if you do not have it you can download from here

STEP 2 : Join the system Purchase token & refe rmore members to join Create an Ethereum wallet & Once you go Xceldream ( JOIN WHATSAPP GROUP FOR LINK) allow access
to connect metamask with the system.

TRUST WALLET : https://share.trustwallet.com/ArIERj

STEP 3 : Purchase token & refer Once you connect with system you can purchase tokens to receive daily ROI & also refer more users to receive referral commissions.


Daily 1% returns paid in token to all users in the system which is calculated on their holdings in the system completely in automated way via smart
contract to their Ethereum address.

Xcel Ethereum Smartcontract


A user when ever you refer someone you get 30% as referral commissions of 1st level where as it continues upto 10 levels as shown below,
Level 1 – 30%
Level 2 – 20%
Level 3 – 10%
Level 4 – 5%
Level 5 – 3%
Level 6 – 2%
Level 7 – 2%
Level 8 – 2%
Level 9 – 1%
Level 10 – 1%


Price of token starts with 0.0001 Ethereum per token.
With issue of each token price increases by 0.00001 Ethereum
With sale back of each token towards smart contract price of token decreases by 0.00001Ethereum.
Supply of token being unlimited increase with issue of each token.
Supply of token decreases / burns with sell back of each token.
So even a user buying 1Ethereum of token he won’t get each token at same price but increasing with 0.00001 per token which is calculated at front end and shown to user before investment.

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